What is specialty towing? Should I use a specialty tow truck?

What is specialty towing? Should I use a specialty tow truck?

What is specialty towing? Should I use a specialty tow truck?As we all know, automobiles come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes. When a vehicle with uncommon dimensions breaks down, this can require a special truck and special skills to ensure a transport that causes no harm. At Millennium Towing & Recovery, our local towing company provides expertise with specialty towing. With our soft-strap guarantee, we ensure that your vehicle will be transported unharmed. From customized classic cars to limousines, we'll bring the vehicle to safety in a time-efficient manner.

Classic Car Towing

For safe handling of classic and exotic cars, it's often best to use a flatbed. This also requires the meticulous operation of a seasoned tow truck driver. And at our shop, we're happy to give you our experience-based opinion on what shop will be best for repairing your classic car.

Limousine Towing

For a tow truck driver who doesn't have much experience with specialty towing, the dimensions of limousines can be very tricky. To be confident that your limo will be safely hauled, it's definitely best to entrust the work to a driver who has ample experience in this particular area of service.

Semi Truck Towing

When a semi truck breaks down, it needs a special type of truck for it to be safely towed. It's also imperative that the driver is qualified and experienced with hauling big rigs to safety. Our crew specializes in towing semi trucks, as well as other large vehicles, such as buses, fire trucks, and cement trucks.

Lowered Vehicle Towing

If your car has been lowered, the towing should be handled by a driver who knows how to prevent any damage to the underside of the vehicle during the transport process. At our shop, we know how to safely tow vehicles that have low clearance.

Specialty Towing in Cincinnati

When you need a tow truck in Cincinnati, contact Millennium Towing & Recovery at (513) 715-0621. Our local towing company also offers fast roadside assistance in Cincinnati. Feel free to give us a call for 24/7 towing in Cincinnati and the surrounding area!

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Posted: November 2021

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