Implementing Tow Away Zone for HOAs

Implementing Tow Away Zone for HOAs

Implementing Tow Away Zone for HOAsHaving a place to safely park your car at the end of the day is a must for many people. Those who live in apartment complexes or highly dense neighborhoods often find themselves competing for a safe spot with people who have no business parking in the area. It is common for homeowners associations (HOA) to implement tow zones to ensure that residence and approved guests do have ample parking. This is true even for areas where the amount of parking spaces may not be issues, but safety may be. Let's look at two common reasons a tow zone may be implemented by an HOA.

Ensures Parking Availability for Residence/Allowed Guests

One of the most common reasons that an HOA will post signage for a tow zone is so that actual residents have places to park at the end of the day. Without a tow zone, the parking lot or garage may become overrun with people who are not residents, resulting in minimal parking for actual homeowners or renters.

You will almost always find a tow away zone at apartment parking complexes, parking garages, on private streets near homes within a homeowners association or within the neighborhood of a townhome community.

Prevents Unwanted Visitors

Another common reason that people will want to initiate a tow zone is so that an area does not become a parking lot for unwanted visitors. A tow zone help keep the neighborhood or the HOA area safer, as people doing illicit things will not want to run the risk of having their vehicle towed away while conducting any business.

How to Implement an HOA Tow Away Zone in Cincinnati

If you are interested in setting up a tow away zone at a homeowners association area, or any other parking lot, such as that for a business, you will need to connect with a towing business that offers tow away service. Millennium Towing & Recovery contracts with HOAs, businesses and the state to implement tow zones to improve tenant and patron safety and parking availability. Our Cincinnati tow away zone services include new signage and we can assist with the legalities of setting up the zone with the state. To learn more about our Ohio tow away services give our team a call at (513) 715-0621. We look forward to working with you to improve parking conditions.

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Posted: May 13, 2020

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