5 Types of Specialty Towing Offered by a Great Tow Company

5 Types of Specialty Towing Offered by a Great Tow Company

5 Types of Specialty Towing Offered by a Great Tow CompanyWhen most people think of a tow truck they picture a truck towing a small passenger car. While this type of service does make up a majority of tow services, it isn't the only type of towing available. The tow trucks you see pulling small cars are not necessarily capable of completing specific tow jobs. A quality tow company will have a fleet of tow rigs that can assist with specialty towing services for all types of vehicles, such as the following.

Big Rig Towing

If you drive a semi-truck and find it experiencing trouble that leaves you stranded on the side of the road, you'll likely need a big rig tow truck. These heavy duty tow trucks can haul large trucks that a smaller tow vehicle wouldn't be able to handle. It takes a special kind of truck to move semis.

Exotic & Classic Car Towing

If you're the owner of an exotic car or classic car that needs to be hauled to a shop, show or other location, you're not going to want to call any old tow company. A quality tow company will send a truck to your location based on the specifics of your car. In many cases this service demands a flatbed tow truck.

Fleet Vehicle Towing

Fleet vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from general passenger cars to large box trucks. A specialty tow company will identify the best towing solution for your needs based on the vehicle in need of assistance.

Limo Towing

Long limos can be difficult to tow because of their low and long profile. If you're a chauffeur and require towing assistance for your limousine, a specialty truck will need to be called. The company will also send a driver who is capable of safely maneuvering the limo through the streets while being towed.

Long Distance Towing

Sometimes, you just have to go the distance. Long distance towing can be difficult to secure, but a specialty towing company will be happy to provide it. From across town to across the state, you need a company you can trust to transport your vehicle safely.

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