Heavy Duty Towing Services in Cincinnati

Heavy Duty Towing Services in Cincinnati

Heavy Duty Towing Services in CincinnatiBreakdowns are always a pain, but they can be an even bigger issue when you're behind the wheel of a large vehicle. Engine trouble, transmission failure and other problems that sideline your commercial truck or other big vehicle can pose a challenge for towing companies, as not all are properly equipped to get your vehicle to a shop for repairs. It's important that you only trust a heavy duty towing company to handle your heavy duty towing needs, such as the following.

Semi Truck Towing

Big rigs, also known as semi trucks, are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road today, especially when combined with the weight of your trailer. If you need a big rig tow and a semi truck trailer tow, you certainly need to trust a professional, heavy duty towing company to handle the job.

RV Towing

Breaking down in your motorhome or having your tow rig need repair while hooked to a fifth wheel or other large trailer can certainly damper the vacation. Luckily a heavy duty tow company can get your RV off the road or your motorhome to a shop to ensure it remains safe during repairs.

Bus Towing

School buses, charter buses, band buses and smaller airport shuttle buses are in constant use, which means their mechanicals are subject to wear that can leave them broken down. If you need to tow a bus seek out a reputable heavy duty tow shop that has the right experience to complete the tow without issue.

Equipment Towing

Heavy equipment, such as excavators, tractors or rollers, don't necessarily need to be broken down to require transport. A heavy duty tow company can assist with moving large equipment such as this with the use of a flatbed.

If you're in need of heavy duty towing in Cincinnati or the surrounding communities, reach out to Millennium Towing & Recovery. Our wreckmaster certified heavy duty towing operators are standing by, ready to help. To request heavy duty towing services in Cincinnati give us a call at (513) 715-0621 right away.

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Posted: April 20, 2020

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