Common Reasons that Cars Stall Out

Common Reasons that Cars Stall Out

Common Reasons that Cars Stall OutDepending on where your car stalls, the situation may be merely annoying, or it could be downright dangerous. If your car stalls while you're in traffic, you'll want to take a breath and remind yourself to remain calm and level-headed. Then you should switch on your hazard lights. If you still have momentum, you may be able to pop your car into neutral and coast to the shoulder, at which point you can try restarting your engine. If your engine won't fire up and you're in harm's way, you can call 911 to request help with getting you to safety. Then you'll want to call for roadside assistance, which may be able to get your car started back up. Or, if not, then you can be towed to a local auto shop. At Millennium Towing & Recovery, we take great pride in rapidly responding to stranded motorists. If your car stalls out, we'll show up ASAP and provide you with superior roadside assistance in Cincinnati.

Common Causes of Engines Stalling

A failing battery is one reason that your car could stall out. With a bad battery, your alternator can become overburdened as it works harder to bring electrical currents through the system. The resulting stress could cause your engine to stall.

Issues related to fuel supply can also cause stalling. A faulty fuel pump may prevent gas from properly traveling from your tank to your engine. Signs of a bad fuel pump include sputtering, worsening gas mileage, and power loss. Also, if your fuel filter is seriously clogged, it could cause low fuel pressure, leading to a lean fuel mixture and misfiring. Fuel filters should be replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles to prevent problems with them.

A bad distributor cap is another issue that may result in your engine stalling out. If your distributor cap is faulty, then proper voltage may not be directed to spark plugs. Consequently, your engine could stall.

24/7 Roadside Assistance in Cincinnati

No matter why your engine has stalled, the important thing is that you get to safety as quickly as possible. If your engine stalls and you need roadside assistance, contact Millennium Towing & Recovery at (513) 715-0621. Our nearby towing company will show up quickly and get you to a safe situation. Feel free to give us a call the next time you need emergency roadside help in Cincinnati!

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Posted: October 2021

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