Common Questions about Towing & Tow Trucks

Common Questions about Towing & Tow Trucks

Common Questions about Towing & Tow TrucksIf your car stalls out and you need to call a tow truck, you might have some questions about the process before entrusting your vehicle's well-being to the tow truck driver. In particular, customers often wonder if getting towed may cause damage to their vehicle. At Millennium Towing & Recovery, we're more than happy to answer any of your questions about the towing process before you actually agree to get your car towed. Here's a look at some of the FAQ about towing.

Does towing put my car at risk of serious damage?

As long as you choose a reputable tow company that employs highly-trained drivers, you won't need to worry about your vehicle being damaged during the towing process. At our shop, our drivers are experts at using our equipment in a way that prevents damage. However, if you've been in an accident it's important that there's a mutual understanding of the damage that the wreck caused so that it's understood that the towing process didn't cause the damage.

Is it safe to tow automatic transmissions with drive wheels on the ground?

According to manufacturers, this is generally safe for vehicles when traveling at low speeds over short distances. But if you'd prefer, we can make accommodations to ensure you feel fully comfortable with how your car is being towed.

Can lowered vehicles be towed?

Yes. Usually, standard towing methods are fine for lowered vehicles. However, there are sometimes unique situations where special accommodations are made for lowered vehicles to be safely transported.

Do tow truck drivers undergo specialized training?

At our shop, all of our drivers are thoroughly trained on using all equipment. Our drivers are also well-versed in how to handle particularly challenging or seemingly dangerous recovery situations. We also rely on certification programs, such as WreckMaster, to ensure professional mastery.

24/7 Towing in Cincinnati

When you need a tow truck in Cincinnati and the surrounding area, contact Millennium Towing & Recovery at (513) 715-0621. Our local towing company also offers fast roadside assistance in Cincinnati. Feel free to give us a call for 24/7 towing in the greater Cincinnati area!

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Posted: January 2022

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